Our history

Welcome to Leading Edge School, an online language school, recently
founded with the belief that it will be your first choice in learning
English. Leading Edge School was founded by Christina Tsintikidou in
2022. After being an English teacher for over a decade, I decided to set up a language school that would accommodate all students’ needs, including different learning styles, aims and goals. I hope this business will grow internationally as well, because of our desire to teach
English all over the world.
In fact, I have been teaching English since 2009. It was then that it all
started; my passion to transmit my knowledge to other people globally. I
got into teaching as a tutor, which made me realize why I wanted to
teach English. That’s why I started working as a teacher in the UK, which
is something that enabled me to work with so many other international
students, all coming from different countries and cultures, such as China,
France, Turkey, Italy, Spain, the USA, the UK, etc.

What we offer

Leading Edge School aims to offer courses for different purposes, such as
general, academic or professional. Our dream is to make you achieve all
you ever wanted by providing you with the most solid foundation and inspiring you with the aim of rendering you strong language learners, ready to face all the challenges that learning a language may entail. Our courses are all taught online with exactly the same level of
excellence as face-to-face learning.
One of the most distinctive features of our school is primarily the use of
different teaching methods and the way the lesson is conducted.
Communication and interaction are the two fundamental principles we
base our lessons on. Thus, we encourage students to feel at ease and confident and to progressively become more fluent
when communicating not only with learners from their own country,
but also from other countries too.
A wide variety of English courses will help you reach your personal goals.
Our English courses, which meet the highest standards for English language teaching
education, not only strengthen your language skills, but also improve
 your self-confidence, motivation, and independence in learning.
Choose from preschool programmes to IELTS courses, General English
for children and teenagers, Business English or other types of courses,
always available on-demand.


Different language courses for young people and adults at all levels.


Tailor-made programmes adapted to students’ needs and goals.


Different pedagogical methods, with a great focus on communicative language teaching and experiential learning methods.


Flexibility and convenience from the comfort of your own home.


Small class size


Customized academic material


International teaching experience


Outstanding teaching style


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